What if web3 could make creation of contracts accessible and inclusive?

There are many topics and technologies that can make lives easier - save time and effort, costs and stress, however, the idea that lawyers in the near future will be replaced by smart contracts won. This topic has novelty, it challenges our thinking and accepted norms, it is based on the new technology - blockchain, and one of the major challenges is to create seamless user experience via design thinking.

Exploring the social impact.

The vision is to create a social impact that will allow consumers to control transactions based on conditions they agree with. This is a technologically enabled change that empowers people to do more while minimising unnecessary expenses and wasted time. There are a whole lot of benefits for businesses and new business models that will allow streamline contract negotiations, exchange of goods and services etc.

Making complex technology easy to use.

There is no solution yet that allows to do just that, however, there is blockchain technology that can enable creation of similar products. Safe to assume that very soon there will be a product based on smart contracts that will become a one stop shop for the vast majority of contractual relationships and under direct control of the user.

But how can so much information from various sources be connected to a single document? The answer is oracles. The new technology allows to pull data from anywhere via oracles and feed it into smart contracts based solutions. It is rather unorthodox at the moment, however, the World is already quite advanced in the Internet of Things space and interconnectedness of devices that we use on a daily basis is a norm.

Creating a sense of familiarity.

The design challenge is to make a product that will be familiar to the majority of the population and feel natural while maintaining all the benefits of new technology. The obvious pillars that had to support the user experience strategy are simplicity and break away from complication of the new technologies. The goal is to leave tech on the back end while the front end, customer facing interface, had to look and feel natural and intuitive.

Position the brand to attract non-technical customers.

To achieve user experience goals the product is designed as intuitive as possible with the use of complimentary colours to create a feeling of trust and security. The idea of the brand meant to reflect the connection of two people via a smart contract while at the same time having a mainstream look and feel. The logical choice of the brand option fell on the one that is simple, reflects underpinning technology and two parties participating in a contract.

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