How digitisation can optimise construction industry?

Designing a survey drone that is able to survey construction sites for accuracy against the 3D BIM model and pinpoint the areas of excessive deviation that may become too costly to deal with in the later stages of construction.

Drone is checking structural column position and dimensions

An opportunity to resolve a problem of delayed and often costly communication between multiple parties involved in construction from architects to engineers to site managers and trades. The opportunity itself is in finding a way to analyse project quality from layout perspective during downtimes (at night). The drone technology is available, utilising people for this task is not possible due to the volume of measurements that have to be taken, accuracy of equipment positioning, issues with access to elevated areas and confined spaces. So, the solution is in designing a drone that is able to navigate industrial environments, scan and send data for analysis against existing model.

Design Approach

Making innovation visible. Besides adopting robust features and a confident expression the point was to make the internal technology visible to the outside since it is a strong differentiation: the rating 3D Scanning System. This lead to the unique and iconic round form.

Design Ideation

Applying design ideas to existing technology resulted in a prototype design that incorporates required functionality, reflects modern construction equipment and opens the future of construction digital survey.


However, digital product means that data has to be shared, stored and analysed. The SiteWasp dashboard provides easy access for all involved parties for timely identification and communication of the issues.  The drone also requires a docking station and remote control functionality.

Web Interface
Drone Analytics
Docking Station and Quality Control

The branding had to fit the product, its feel and connect heavy duty work with technology and professionalism.

Branding Examples

The end result is a robust design for the SiteWasp - innovative concept that incorporates latest technology advancements and looks into the future of construction industry with the aim of eliminating hazardous work for people, allowing for close to real time construction quality control, minimisation of costly re-constructing activities and providing additional level of security for active construction sites at night.

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