How Web3 Will Make Everyone an Investor?

It is certain that in the near future Web3 technologies will allow to create digital solutions that enable everyone to become an investor. Such a solution (let’s call it Wallet3) will merge current crypto wallets with investment tools but provide much more functionality.

Wallet3 will be packed with opportunities to invest that do not require a lot of capital. It will of course feature FIAT and Crypto currencies, but most importantly, it will have a limitless World marketplace that allows to sell/invest into a part (a fraction or a share) of the owned asset be it a piece of art, business that is not publicly listed, collectable, property, NFTs, gaming etc. The idea itself has huge implications because suddenly anyone can own/invest in absolutely anything as well as provide options for the owners of tangible or intangible assets to sell off in whole or in part and by doing that raise funds if and when required.

Social Impact Based on Technology

This will empower creators, business developers, asset owners to do more, have access to more resources, and commence crowdfunding activities directly without middlemen and prohibiting fees. People without access to large amounts of money are capable of investing and owning a part of pretty much anything.

Wallet3 will provide real time access to investment market value, history of the value change, analysis of the asset and its value. Users will be able to invest or sell with a click of a button. Fully backed up by smart contracts and blockchain, all activities will be secure, maintaining personal safety and the safety and security of investments.

Stay in Control

Wallet3 is designed in a way that allows user hands on access to owned assets, marketed assets and simple financial transactions. Investment has never before been so simple, yet so safe and accessible. Personal banking can be a part of the experience by connecting the income stream and enjoying the benefits of all-in-one solution. Easy investment without institutional fees.

Dedicated functions provide real time monitoring of value, opportunities to track any asset of an interest and invest by purchasing desired amount of shares. 

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