How Can Web3 Change Mobility?

Thanks to technologies like blockchain, Metaverse and NFTs, we are about to see a new era in which the consumer is put front and centre. Decentralisation is the future of the automotive industry. 

The next generation of cars will be completely different from the machines we drive today and we are about to enter an age of high-technology. Calculations, transactions and interactions. A world where mobility makes decisions faster, smarter, and better than human drivers. Only the blockchain is capable of supporting these technologies, and providing the holistic solution to the future of transportation.

NFT is the new proof of ownership and a lot more

Car NFT will be unique, it will cover ownership and act as a personal Oracle that collects and stores all data about the car including: Proof of Ownership, Service Records, Parts Performance, Fuel Level, Car Safety and connection to suppliers for timely parts replacement. But that’s not all, NFT will become car access and security too. The NFT will be able to connect to Multiverse and allow for Augmented Reality (AR) experience access. On top of that there will be a Wallet that supports payment transactions and receiving rewards, all while driving!

Earn while driving

Car owners will be able to share car data with manufacturers and suppliers and get rewarded for it! The manufacturers need to service the car and it’s a big market, suppliers want to sell parts as soon as there is the need. Performance data helps to build better parts, so a lot of third parties are after car generated data that is owned by the car owner.

Air quality data is another potential source for passive rewards, just a matter of installing a sensor, driving and sharing. With the development of AR car based ads will become the norm and allow for rewards while the car is parked. Government is likely to collect traffic data and pay for it too. If the car comes with solar panels, charging them may offset battery charging fees.

A level of gamification is likely to support overall road infrastructure management, deload congestion and minimise the amount of cars on the road. Drivers can participate in predetermined activities, completion of which supports gamified aspects and get rewarded.

New business models

Web3 opens a whole new world of business models and opportunities that are linked to mobility. Insurance is one of them and is an opportunity to simplify collision management, use premiums only for when the vehicle is actually being driven, and make access to international policies simpler and faster.

Supply chain management is already benefiting from new technology and robust tracking of the parts from manufacturer to supplier, and the future will make this industry more efficient.

Cars essentially become a marketplace where downtime can be monetized via dedicated marketplace, be it in exchange for financial rewards, services or information. We will be able to lease a vehicle with no money injection. All transactions related to the vehicle will be handled by the car wallet accessible from a mobile device.

Location based rewards

Future driving becomes location centred. It’s about vast opportunities that are offered to drivers depending on location. New business models will capitalise on vehicle connectedness and provide specific offerings for specific locations. 

These offerings are not purely for purchase, but to monetize the driving experience too. In combination with AR/Virtual Reality/Artificial Intelligence (AI) and self-driving cars location based experience will be targeted toward driver’s needs and preferences.

Own data and be safe

Web3 takes mobility experience to a new level. Some of the key features include full control over car generated data and interconnectedness. As mentioned before, drivers will be able to monetize car data, vehicle generated and any extra sensors based data. Added level of security that comes with NFT minimises chances of a car being stolen.

New vehicles fitted with multiple sensors and interconnectedness of the mobility will help achieve superior safety levels as AI will have multiple data points to analyse and predict driver behaviour, vehicle course, any breakdowns and road conditions.

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